CCTV Security Services

If you're looking to locate a company that serves you with all the CCTV and other security services under one hood then look no further. eUniversal Ads Media PVT Ltd can help you with your security and safety requirements as well. We understand that your safety is the first and foremost priority. The company deals a lot with security systems whether it is manufacturing, exporting, importing, supplying, distribution or system integration; we can handle it all in no time.

eUniversal Ads Media also delivers unparalleled CCTV surveillance solutions to all their clients too. Beginning from set up to demonstration; we deliver it all at very reasonable prices. Our product range spans through all across the country.

What is the importance of CCTV?

You may not always be in the premises, however, our CCTV surveillance systems will always be around. We ensure that you don't miss out on anything. Security is a major threat to every business and it is important to ensure safety to the highest levels possible. eUniversal Ads Media CCTV surveillance comes into the game with several functionalities to safeguard you from danger.

(1) They are very much affordable. Our company wants the solutions to be easily accessible to everyone and so the pricing has been well balanced to ensure proper reach of the product to the market.
(2) It always available to everyone.
(3) They act as scarecrows but electronically. These surveillance systems ensure proper safety of your company from tip to toe at all times and keep danger at bay as well.
(4) Also, the most important aspect of it is that it offers complete monitoring of your business day or night; it is always around.

If you do not have a security system set up for your business, you may face unforeseen dangers that might be lurking around which could be a potential threat to the growth and safety of your company. eUniversal Ads Media can help you fight all of it safely.

Why choose us? What makes our service valuable?

The expertise possessed by eUniversal Ads Media is unrivalled and therefore helps us protect your most valuable assets i.e. your business very safely. We offer numerous features, functionalities and packages to help our clients get the most out of a little.

(a) Unlimited data storage: Providing unlimited data storage ensures retrieval of all of the video feed for later monitoring or review as well.

(b) System monitoring: Our sophisticated technology and system software keeps a regular check on itself in order to ensure top notch security to your assets.

(c) Wireless: You don't have to sit in front of your computer at all times. We got it covered for you by being wireless 24/7; you can keep an eye on your business all the time.

(d) Motion detection: This is a very powerful tool which allows you to know every movement of even the tiniest of things on premises. You will be alerted or notified every time there is motion in the premises.