Fire Fighting Equipments

Why do you need fire safety?

Believe it or not, over a few thousand companies suffer from fire hazards and fire losses every single year. Numerous data, items and most importantly even lives are lost due to these hazards. Most companies often fail to take the necessary precautions needed to keep fire hazards at bay. Fire safety is very crucial as often fire damages makes businesses to even lose their valuable customers, visitors and a lot of other significant damages are inflicted up the company. These are the very reason as to why your business should be made fire proof beforehand so that you don't have to face the dangers of fire over and over again.

Who are we? What fire fighting service do we offer?

Fire fighting requires a lot of valuable tools, equipment and other devices to ensure that a fire is not likely to break out any time in the future. In order to achieve that, eUniversal Ads Media deploys some of the most sophisticated fire fighting equipment, tools and setups to ensure proper fire fighting on the go.

eUniversal Ads Media is highly immersed in the cause of fire fighting from manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, exporting to even trading of several fire fighting tools and equipment. These equipment ensure complete head and body safety and a lot more. Whether it is marine safety, gloves for hand protection, fall protection tools, security products or eye goggles; you can find it all from eUniversal Ads Media pvt ltd.

What makes our service offering so unique?

It all depends on the quality and reliability of the product. Whether it is the gloves that you are speaking of or perhaps the goggles; all of it are very high end, and robust in nature. These tools, gadgets or equipment are all easy of operation, technically superior and long lasting too. The reason for their long lasting support is that eUniversal Ads Media ensures highly recommended safety checks and other quality tests before actually putting it out for sale. Several parameters are actually considered prior to actually putting it up for mass production. These tests ensure the high stability, reliability of the equipment and also help us make your company fire safe.

Our team of dedicated experts are always working to offer, not only products and services to our clients for perfect fire safety but in turn adds value to each and every customer of ours too.

What makes our company unique? Why do we stand out from the rest?

We possess a lot of valuable qualities that actually go on to make us stand out of the crowd. We are certified from the best, with a well-defined vision and mission and so much more. We offer a lot more than other for a lot little. Whether it is fire detection equipment, to suppression system; we cover it all with ease. We also offer numerous apparatus, for breathing in case of a fire, extinguishers and offer installation and demonstration facilities too.