Google Adwords Partner Company

If you're an advertiser or run a business perhaps, you can advertise your content using the powerful advertising platform offered by Google called Google Adwords. With the help of this Google AdWords, an advertiser is allowed to exhibit or display a small piece or segment of the ad in a specific or confined portion of a webpage which redirects to the main advertisement. The advertisement is found as posted by the advertiser with the help of matching keywords that is user searches. These keywords have to be pre attached or linked to the advertisement so that one someone searches for these keywords the advertisement is to show up. Every one looking for Google Adwords certified company, your search end here because eUniversal Ads Media Pvt Ltd is trustable and professional Google Adwords Partner Company in India.

Google typically shows every webpage that exists in its database or partner websites upon matching of keywords. The advertiser who puts up the advertisement has to make a payment to Google only when a user tries to seek more information about the posted advertisement. This is when the Google webpage or perhaps even the partner site actually receives a portion of the revenue to themselves. The concept on which it is based on is called pay-per-click (PPC). It is otherwise like cost per click which is like payment based on per thousand impressions or clicks as such. This is applicable to all advertisement programs offered by Google such as banners, rich media advertisements and so on.

Google AdWords functionality is usable across various geographical distributions whether it is local, national or international, Google AdWords can certainly enhance your reach and boost your revenue drastically. If you want you can even opt for a slightly different form of advertising by Google such as Google text advertisement. Typically almost about every Google text advertisement is small in size of 25 characters of length in general. This is also followed by a 35 character line of description and the respective URL top the page too.

You can find all the advertisements by several advertisers on every Google search at the top right corner of the search result page. It is generally found under the heading "sponsored links". Google redirects you the product on clicking on the link directly. You have to be extremely careful as an advertiser since it is your duty to attach or link the appropriate keywords with your advertisement.

There are several keyword match options that Google flaunts such as Broad match, Negative math, Phrase match or exact match.

(1) Broad Match: This is typically the type of matching one would opt for as it will exhibit your advertisement every time the algorithm finds a match between the keywords.

(2) Negative match: This type of matching is rather for hiding your ad from specific phrases or words. So if you add these words or phrases, the ad won't show up at those searches.

(3) Phrase match: Pretty much the opposite of negative match. Shows your posted advertisement whenever it encounters a specific phrase added by you.

(4) Exact match: Like the name suggests, this form of matching happens when the posted ad matches an exact phrase the way it is.

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